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tired. five things you want to know on thursday. jesse jackson will be in town today. the leader will be the keynote speaker during a rally at city hall. and join the concerned members and to talk about youth civil rights in the city of baltimore. the main issue is the money being allocated to build a new jail for youth charged as adults. what does it mean for baltimore and the planned casino. and executives will answer that question. and more this afternoon. the group meets at monaco. and discussing kidnappings. baltimore new commissioner and the county's chief james johnson will talk about the joint investigation. two men have been arrested as a result. baltimore county is holding a health fair this is for children this evening. it is happening at lock raven. so the fair features mental health services and resources for families. a panel will discuss bullying
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and take questions on the topic. jermaine jackson asked the courts to let him change his name. he wants to be jermaine jackson but he wants it spelled jacksun on the end. the older brother wants to switch for artistic reasons. a hearing is set for february. he is looking on the sunny side of life. >> like that. speaking of the sunny side let's go to lynette. if you're nasty. >> i cannot get myself together now. we're going to get sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. we have clouds across the area. radar picking up on some rain showers as we go to the south. we can see hebron and we're seeing rain across that area.
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if you are going to the south be prepared for that. the kids need to bundle up. temperatures at 39 degrees. another cold day and chilly afternoon, though. the sunshine will play a role as we go into today. let's get a check with lauren cook. >> we're dealing with the water main break. and north charles street. they will be closed including lafayette and north avenue. as we look at the scene. it is 60 inches. it is huge. expect a detour. you want to stick with 83 and calvert and maryland avenue and st. paul. we will bring you the latest on the break as the repairs will be underway soon if you are
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traveling on the lane lines. 83 is clear here in baltimore. moving along. no delays. here is what the west side looks like at liberty. you are looking at an 11 minute ride from 795 to 95. the aches and pains a cold or the flew. >> which one have you. >> and the family may have to leave their home if they refuse to give up their pets. you will see them why the government says the animal is a threat.
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the holiday season is here, we'll learn with the postal service expects for mailing and shipping season. i hope so, too.
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it will announce the ship by dates. >> the service announced all packs to military families must be mailed by tuesday. mark the calendars. think noticed a man needed help. >> it earned them the highest honor. good morning maryland starts now. >> another water main break. we'll have a live report for you. >> and bringing down two rapists. how they work together to stop a crime spree that's targeting women. a nor'easter missed us. we're feeling the cool temperatures. look at that. and where it hit. and they did not need it on thursday november 8th.
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>> and thank you for joining us. >> we are hearing the stories where people from the area are added to help. let's get to lynette on how the storm missed us. >> the people up north not so much. and we are dealing with the cold. millersville around 40. and we're fog to deal with the wind chill at 8 to 315 miles an hour throughout the day. they will ramp up and have justs at 30 miles an hour. that is pulling away from us but it has the grip on news terms of the cold weather. this what we look like and most of the wet weather is to the south of us now. we're going to dry out
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gradually and clear out this is what you can expect. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren cook. >> and we are still dealing with the massive water main break in baltimore. and charles street will be shut down from penn station to 21st street. there are detours in place. you will want to use maryland avenue or calvert street, st. paul. this. if you are traveling the main lines we check in and take a look at 695, traffic is moving i along. no delays. the rest of the beltway is clear. look at normal conditions on the east side. 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. for those of you using the jfx no delays. and from the beltway to fayette
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street. megan and charlie over to you. three minutes after 5:00 now. here we go another day another break and this one is big. linda so has details on how to get around. linda good morning. one thing we're seeing. the lady on the corner has been trying to pass for 5 minutes. there is a worker here who thinks saying she cannot cross but this is a frustration for those who have to get into business or get to home. they just need to cross the street but they cannot because can you see it is blowing. we're here at charles and north street. that buckle in the road is where the break happened and if you look to the right can you see there is water flowing down the street. there are businesses and homes
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down the street. and trying to goat her business. but she cannot do that. this morning people again are being told to avoid the area and they will not let you three. the crews will be back first thing in the morning to clean up the mess. they had to suspend the work last night because of fear of striking gas lines. this was a water main that broke and send the water gushing through the streets at north charles and 20th. it was so bad it flooded the streets over a span of five blocks. this dates back to the 1920s. and breaks like this cannot be avoided because of how hold the infrastructure is and because of all the work that does to be done here. you should not try to cut through the area. they will detour you. cars were trapped and businesses were flooded and people had to deal with the dirty water. >> and. >> and i thought it was a
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bottle or something breaking. >> back out here live at this point they're not sure how long it will take before they are back to normal. and it is safe to say it will take a couple of weeks. for the time being try to avoid the area but the woman is trying to cross the street to get to the business a big frustration for those who work and live in the area. we're live in east baltimore. linda so. >> we will have a new head of the police department in baltimore city. that's because the mayor will swear in doctor toby bass as the new commissioner was confirmed. >> today we'll hear from the police in the joint news conference about a series of robberies in the area. and we're live with more. >> reporter: the heads of the
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department will come together in a joint news conference to talk about a jurisdictional case. this all happened on october 1. this case goes back to when two men were arrested after a crime spree in baltimore county and city t involved robbery, kidnapping, assault and rape. the 11 victims were mostly young women, the youngest only 17. several were college students working together baltimore county and the city police located the criminals. they have been charged with numerous felonies, including rape, kidnapping and armed robbery. they are awaiting trial and being held without bail at the detention center. that news briefing will be held at 1:00 today at the police department. and we'll stream that live on our web site at reporting live in federal hill sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. don't mess with one cashier a man with a gun came in and
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demanding cash. the cashier tried to knock it out of the robber's hand, they fought on the ground. the robber ran away. the cashier was not hurt. they are looking for the thief. and sandy hit a week ago and new yorkers are getting hit again. this time with snow. that's from the nor'easter. look at the video. there is pretty significant accumulation in some areas and many people who just had their power turned on, they lost it again last night. the snow is weighing down and snapping weakened branches. and flights have been grounded until the storms move through. help is on the way. verizon is sending a caravan of trucks up north to help out with restoring of power. and verizon said they are sending 600 technicians to the area and 400 of them are leaving this morning. time now for a check on the weather. people in new york they have to be wondering when they can get a break.
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>> and it will come later on than ours, they will clean up. can you see the storm now moving up into new england. it will move out in a matter of days. it is good news close to home because we dodged another bullet. sandy now the nor'easter. we're dealing with clouds this morning off windy conditions. as we go into the afternoon the clouds will start to get out of here. we'll get sunshine here today as well. and chestertown at 39 degrees. 38 in columbia and winds out of the northwest. >> good morning to you. >> big problems in the neighborhood in baltimore. the water main break is shutting down north charles street between penn station and 21st street. and closed at maryland avenue. you will want to stick with calvert street or 83. 83 will be your best bet to
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avoid the mess. this is what it looks like and nothing to get in your way as you travel to towson. megan and charlie, back to you e piling on the northeast. now a nor'easter. we'll go to statten island where the debris from the hurricane is covered in snow. but it is worse on statten island. cold and flu season are here. and they're working for you helping you know the difference between the two. ♪
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statten island was hit hard by sandy and the debris is blanketed in snow. >> many families are without power in the nor'easter, another blow. it is a big concern, however, high winds could affect the area the most. line men are not allowed to go into the bucket trucks when the winds reach 40 miles an hour. it could have wind, 5 0 miles an hour they say. >> it is snowing, this is like insult to injury. we're having a blizzard now. >> neighbors say that fema
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stopped working until the storm has passed. many rest to stay with family and friends until the snow passes out. the storm shut down roads and making it impossible to drive. they have warned people not to travel. those that did, well many were stuck and the long wait drained the batteries and many were forced to leave the roads. >> time now for a check on the weather. >> we saw a bit of the effects of that nor'easter nothing compared to what they saw. >> we got rain and light that the as we went through the evening timeframe. we're going to be cold today and windy. we'll see sunshine. as we look at the temperatures in the 30s. and shady side and we're looking at lows over into myersville. 39 and 40 and 37 degrees. and 36 a few showers there this
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morning and galena at 40. we'll be windy. we have gusts up to 27 and 17 in rock hall and a 25-mile per hour gust. they will feel colder as we go through the morning and the afternoon. and this is the set up. we have some chilly and windy conditions as high pressure builds in. we're getting the flow around that high as the nor east ser pushing to the north. it is pulling from us but in the wake the winds will continue throughout the day. this is on future trend. not a lot to pick up. we'll get more sunshine a nice change in pace a lot of people wanting that sunshine and the warmer temperatures, that's going to happen as we go into the forecast. today the temperature around lunchtime coming in at 49 degrees the winds are around and here we go for the next few days. by saturday we'll be at 60 and
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the ravens play and that temperature at 65 and 67 degrees on monday. we'll take that. >> let's get a check of the traffic with lauren cook. >> we'll take that. 65 and 67. wonderful. better than yesterday. we're still dealing with the massive water main break in baltimore. and north charles street, it will be shut down from penn station all the way to 21st street. 20th going to be closed between maryland avenue and st. paul street. the best routes will be calvert and maryland avenue and st. paul or 83. you are taking a ve look now. water is flowing out of this, a 60-inch break. it's in the going to be repaired for some time. >> we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. >> as we check in and take a look at the main lines no delays. it will get clear as you head into the city.
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this is 695. it will take you six minutes to travel down to 59. that's a look at your time saver traffic. over to you. and cold and flu season is on us. but diagnosing the disorder can be difficult because a lot of times we confuse the to. >> there are several symptoms that give a cold away every time. usually scratchy throat a cold can develop slowly and typically last 7 to 10 days. >> the flu is different it comes on quickly. maybe associated with the congestion and a runny nose and sore throat. there fever which we don't see with a cold. >> you may feel really run down. all your symptoms will be more intense. you treat the colds and flu the same. lots of rest. fluids and of course a healthy diet. >> and the race is on and no,
5:18 am
we're not talking about the race to the white house. now we're talking about the race for the best black friday deals. wall nature announces the deals first. how early you will have to hit the store to save the most money. >> ahead, one fast food chain is changing up their menu, how can you get more than just soft tacos when it comes to making a run for the boarder.
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thank you for joining us. it is time to focus on a more important race, the race for the deals on black friday. wal-mart is the first to release the sales they are starting on thanksgiving evening. 8:00 in the evening. >> no. >> i know. two hours earlier than last year. the store said they will be on electronics and toys. grab a cheesy crunch or the taco.
5:22 am
yes. taco bell is now a place for snacks and desserts. it will announce an expanded menu time. they include cookie sandwichs. and offering nachos and a potato wrapped in a tortilla. >> yum. >> what? a. >> a baked potato. >> wrapped in a tortilla trying to get people take advantage of the meal deal. who cares. hearts are beating. >> jermaine jackson wants had change his last name. >> why he wants to take a sunny approach. >> and is hans solo making a come back? what about luke and lelia. >> 30s and 40s. and the 60s are making a come
5:23 am
back. when that is. no delays and traveling the tunnel. we're dealing with a water main break. we'll have the details coming up on good morning maryland. music: guitar, clapping and whistling throughout.
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thank you for joining us. jermaine jackson wants to make a name change, brighter for his family. he wants to change it to jacksun so that is instead of son. he is doing it for artistic reasons. he was been touring in months and has been promoting his book, it's about michael and titled, you are not alone. harrison ford is open to the idea of bringing back hans solo. and one source says that he is open to reprizing his role. other actors from the original show feel the same way and people say that mark hamill
5:27 am
fell off the map. if you watch the series of batman he was the joker. i'm just saying. >> nerd alert. stay with us this morning. you have seen the car chases from helicopters. but there is a way that you have never seen them before. >> that back? >> it's back. airplanes to escape. we have it on camera for you. all right. and anthony weiner returns to twitter but he is tweeting about damage caused by sandy. topping money, investors will try to shake off a sell- off. the dow lost almost 313 after the president's reelection and the worries about the fiscal cliff and the european debt crisis. 250,000 cars and trucks to be losses from sandy which may lead to a spike in new car
5:28 am
sales. automakers -- automakers say new cars will have to be scrapped. and planes and fares being high ser proving true. 20million will fly with planes 90% full and tickets for new years are up from a year ago. wal-mart supping the ante opening at 8 p.m. on thanksgiving among the deal as lcd tv for 148 and blue ray player for 38.
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and question 7 approved by voters. when they arrive i

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